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"Longfellow has a very special bond with her subjects, almost as if she calls them back from the dead to hear and write their stories…the words are so precise and so vivid."—Michelle Moran, author of "Nefertiti," "Cleopatra's Daughter," and "The Heretic Queen."

"I put down the book and was shocked to find myself at home—so magical to be transported back so many centuries. I could hear, see, feel, taste and smell Alexandria as if I were there. Beautifully orchestrated. Had me on the edge of my seat."—Nancy Savoca, Sundance Grand Jury Prize award winning filmmaker.

"A feast for the spirit and the mind, set in the dying flames of the ancient world."—Margaret George

"...filled with the most unique perspective and unexpected
ideas, Ki Longfellow is surely one of the more brilliant
writers of our time." -- R. A. Goodyear, Lovett Publishing House

Lovett Publishing House reviews Flow Down Like Silver

To all you questioners, searchers and lovers of beauty in words out there: please, please, read Flow down Like Silver, Hypatia of Alexandria! —Ed Lute, December, 2009

"I prolonged the end; not because I knew Hypatia's brief life ended in tragedy, but because I was comfortably cocooned in the story Longfellow weaved." -- Read review at Book Harder

"This was a beautiful tribute to the world's first notable female philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician." -- Read review at Gigglemug Book Club

"Real emotions poured out through her words. Every paragraph seemed carefully crafted." -- Read review at BOOK HARDER July, 2015

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Publisher Eio Books, August 20, 2009, ISBN 0975925598 EAN-139780975925591

From the dawn of history, countless women have marked their times in extraordinary ways. Women have been warriors, Pharaohs, popes, queens and kings, philosophers, poets, mathematicians, composers, painters, writers, revolutionaries and "witches."

But there was only one HYPATIA.

Brilliant, beautiful, accomplished and free, Hypatia of Alexandria was the last of the great Pagan teachers. Her brutal death at the hands of a Christian mob foretold the death of reason, of questioning, of reverence for nature, of the Goddess herself.

Following her acclaimed novel The Secret Magdalene, Ki Longfellow now offers a stunning portrait of the life and death of Hypatia of Alexandria.

As the declining Roman Empire fought for its life and emerging Christianity fought for our souls, Hypatia of Alexandria soared above it all as the last great voice of reason. A woman of sublime genius in a man's world, Hypatia stood head and shoulders above not only all women...but all men.

Hypatia dazzled the world with her beauty and brilliance, was courted by men of every persuasion and believed to be the leading philosopher and mathematician of her age, yet her mathematics, her inventions, even the very story of her life in all its dramatic intensity and ultimate tragedy, goes untold.

This book is that telling. Hypatia lived an astonishing life in tumultuous times. An unsung genius, she walks through these pages fully realized while all around her Egypt's Alexandria, the New York City of its day, struggles to remain a beacon of light in a world growing ever darker.

Alexandria's "City of the Dead"